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About Drake Scotland

Drake Scotland is a limited company with charitable status based in Edinburgh. It was set up in 1997 following groundwork initiated by Adele Drake, Director of the Drake Music Project in England.

Drake Scotland aims to offer excellent musical and technological resources to enable people with disabilities to learn and make music. We offer opportunities for playing, composing and performing at all levels and for all ages from pre-school to adult.

Sessions are led by trained music tutors using a variety of electronic instruments, touch-sensitive switches and computer programmes in combination with acoustic instruments ranging across all musical genres.

We work in a variety of settings in the arts, education and social services. Some groups attend sessions at Edgar Hall in Edinburgh or the new West of Scotland base in Cumbernauld; others receive regular visits on an outreach basis. We also provide individual tuition for people with severe physical disabilities. Buy last christmas piano sheets Note-store.

Current Aims

  1. Achieve a participant-centred project and develop initiatives led by and supportive of disabled musicians.
  2. Run a diverse, inclusive Activity Programme including multi-arts projects and collaborations.
  3. Develop provision in new areas of Scotland.
  4. Train and build the skills of musicians and other professionals in the special needs field.
  5. Increase access through development of specialist equipment and online resources.


Evelyn Glennie
Professor Nigel Osborne
The Proclaimers

Board of Trustees

Jane Davidson
Adele Drake
Lucy Kendra
Gillian Reid
Dr George Reid
Anton Rowntree
Vicky Smith


Artistic Policy and Development Plan

Drake Scotland produced an Artistic Policy and 3-Year Development Plan for 2001 -2004 revised during 2002 with input from the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisation?s Big Picture consultancy programme which provides a framework for organisational development. An event took place in May 2002 designed to elicit ideas on future direction and policy from our stakeholders including participants, trustees and representatives of partner agencies. A Policy and Strategy group met subsequently to clarify our aims and objectives in the light of responses highlighting the need to consult regularly with client groups and focus on our technology and related expertise as a key factor in our profile.

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?I feel that this pre-school musical provision is essential for children?for enjoyment, opportunities for social development/interaction with other children and as a major contribution to speech and language development because it is intrinsically interesting and rewarding?. Ana Eales, Parent of Music Maker participant

?The Drake group managed to strike an instant rapport with the pupils and rapidly develop routines and expectations that were reinforced week by week. That in itself was a considerable achievement for many of the pupils.? John Riley, Teacher of Computing Studies and Music, Pilrig Park School

?M becomes very animated during her sessions at the Bridges Project. She seems to allow the music to enter her soul and can?t help but get up and dance to the rhythms?her sense of rhythm is continually improving due to the various exercises led by Brian during each session.? Sandra Dryburgh, Community Support Worker

?Since he became involved in the Bridges project, gradually his self-confidence is growing and he doesn?t need so much support from other people. He is more willing to take the initiative...' Marlena Sielewicz-Stanhope, Community Support Worker

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